Divine Comfort and Counseling

You are not alone.  We all experience major events at different times in our lives.  Sometimes the life events we experience are difficult and the struggle can be overwhelming at times.  Divine Comfort and Counseling can provide you with the services you need, to give you hope and a new direction.  Let us help you!  Our agency offers a variety of therapists that will be matched according to your

The following skills and qualifications vary among different therapists:
*20+ years experience in the social service, mental health, and/AOD setting
* Mental health, substance abuse, case management, etc
* Various therapists professionally licensed including:  LICDC-CS, LICDC, LPCC-S, LMSW, LSW, LCDCIII, etc
* Serving the Montgomery and Greene Counties, Offices located in Dayton and Fairborn, ability to do home visits for those who qualify
*Various insurances accepted:  currently Anthem and Molina
*Case management, skill building, group therapy

"We strongly believe in a genuine, trusting relationship in which the client is the expert.  Our therapeutic style is to encourage, support, and empower the client while allowing them to determine the solutions to their life challenges."